Selling my home without a Real Estate Agent, Good or Bad

Some homeowners look for ways to save money when selling their home, but can selling your home without employing the services of a Real Estate Agent be beneficial? Selling your home as a “For Sale By Owner” can have positive outcomes, and it could have negative outcomes. Let’s look at both sides. While I like to see my clients make the most money from the sale of their homes, oftentimes selling the home themselves is less advantageous than expected

The Good:

  • No Realtor / No Commissions

The Bad:

  • You deal directly with your Buyer
  • More susceptible to lower sale price
  • Unfamiliarity with paperwork
  • Wasted time with unqualified buyers
  • Savvy buyers trying to take advantage of the seller
  • Marketing costs, and exposing your property to the right customers
  • Decreased protection by leaving a contract to buyer friendly
  • Time and effort

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